Letter to the Editor

Please police, release my nephew

Dear editor,
WE ARE, through your newspaper, appealing to the Zambia Police Service command and the Lusaka Division command to intervene in the case in which my nephew, Royd Ndalama, has been languishing in a police cell at Chelston Police Station for over three weeks now without being charged.
He was arrested in connection with an instant mob justice incident in which a suspected thief was beaten to death in Kaunda Square three weeks ago.
Initially, police picked up four people but have released three while Royd has remained in custody without being charged.
Does the law allow the police to keep a suspect in detention for three weeks without charging him?
Now they are telling the family to look for the other suspects, but is that our job?
If they have credible evidence, they should charge him and take him to court or release him.
Justice should not just be for those with ‘fat’ wallets but for the poor as well.

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