Letter to the Editor

Please give us water

Dear editor,
I am not sure whether Nkana Water and Sewerage Company will take note of this lone voice crying in the ‘wilderness’.
There was a time in Chambishi mine township when we received water in the morning and evening. This is no longer the case. There is no water at all. Sadly everyone has kept a finger on their lips.
Zambians across our land are now all convinced that the coming into office of the PF government was not a fluke. But Nkana Water and Sewerage Company  has gone all out to prove us wrong by taking us back to the time when we drew water from polluted streams and walked to the bush to relieve ourselves.
The situation in Chambishi is not only dehumanising but it is also humiliating to families.
The Kafue river has not dried up, so one fails to understand why Nkana Water and Sewerage Company would choose to punish us this way.
What is even more saddening is that the company’s customer relations office has only one answer to complaints. “Why is everyone not complaining, but only you?”
At least give us water in the mornings and evenings. We beg you.
Chambishi Mine Township

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