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Movie Review with SHUPE SAKALA
Title: Perfect Match
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Billie Woodruff
Time: I hour 36 minutes
NEVER say never – they say. Charlie ( Terence J),  a committed playboy has convinced himself that love can never overpower his non-committal life policy.
Despite his sister who is a therapist insisting that love can happen to anyone, Charlie just won’t budge.
When his best friends come up with a challenge, the player is game.
His mates bet that if he commits to one woman for a month, he is bound to fall in love. Charlie only takes up the bet because he believes that he is immune to the thing called love.
When he meets the strikingly beautiful Eva, Charlie is mesmerised by not only her beauty but by her mysterious and alluring personality.
Upping his player game by wining and dining his date, Charlie charms his way into Eva’s heart and convinces her into a casual affair but soon finds that Eva could have turned the tables on him, leaving him longing for more of her.
He soon starts questioning whether he may actually desire more than just a one night stand.
A comical love story is just perfect to watch with that special someone and this charmer of a movie features  the likes of Terrence J from the movie Think like a man and the gorgeous musician Cassie who offer plenty of eye candy to feast on.
Catch this movie and more at the Ster Kinekor cinema at the Arcades Mall and the FreshView cinemas at Levy and Manda Hill malls.
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