Plant moringa trees, West church leaders urged

Edible moringa leaves

MONGU Diocese vicar general James Conelly has urged church leaders in Western Province to be actively

involved in the planting of moringa and cashew trees to motivate the locals to safeguard the economically-viable trees.
And indunas in three villages where the moringa project is being promoted have welcomed the programme.
Father Conelly said in an interview that the Church need to take a leading role in planting trees for the rest of the people to realise their economic benefits.
Father Conelly said this shortly after a stakeholder’s workshop for the moringa project organised by CELIMA, an Italian non-governmental organisation, at Ngulu Hotel in Mongu recently.
“Like the cashew project, this programme is equally vital in the lives of the villagers as we are being told that the moringa is a miracle tree. The people need to be told how these trees will help uplift their livelihood, and one way of doing it is to have the church actively involved in the tree planting exercises so that these trees can be preserved,’’ he said.
CELIMA is piloting the moringa project in Nanjucha, Namushakende and Kalundwana villages of Mongu and Nalolo districts to help combat malnutrition as well as mitigate climate change.
The two-year project which started in January, this year, is being supported by Civil Society Environmental Fund.
Meanwhile, the indunas for the three implementing villages said the project has already started yielding fruits in their areas.
Induna Mwangala Sitali of Kalundwana village said Moringa seeds have helped him overcome the bile problem, which he has had since 2014.
“I have been taking conventional medicine since 2014 but with no positive results. But with the moringa seeds, the problem is no longer there,” he said.
Induna Sitali also said most of the men in his village are using the moringa tree as a sexual booster while women put it in food owing to its high nutritional content.
And Induna Mwangala of Nanjucha village said he is on top of things in the promotion of the project which has imnmense benefits.
Induna Mwangala said the moringa project should be supported by all as the tree product can also act as a family planning method.

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