‘We plan to export power’

NORTH-Western Energy Corporation is next year expected to start importing and exporting electricity in the region under the Southern Africa Power Pool (SAPP) to cushion against the power outages the region is currently facing.
Company managing director Andrew Kamanga said the private energy utility, which is expected to start trading in electricity in the second quarter, will initially import or export between 10 and 50 megawatts of electricity during off-peak hours.
“The company is targeting to start trading in electricity next year. There is a lot of electricity during off-peak hours, which can be exported to other countries within the region,” Mr Kamanga said in an interview on Tuesday.
“We may buy electricity from Zambia and sell it to Zimbabwe or from Zimbabwe to Namibia or any country within SAPP,” he said.
Mr Kamanga said electricity will be traded using existing infrastructure under SAPP.
He said private sector participation in electricity trade is vital  in the region in view of the power outages.
Currently, North-Western Energy Corporation is in discussion with the SAPP secretariat in Zimbabwe and discussions are expected to be concluded soon.

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