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Pitch Perfect goes global

Title: Pitch Perfect 2
Genre: Comedy, Musical
Director:  Elizabeth Banks
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow
Time: 1 hour 37mins
ANNA Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are back in the all-girl a Capella group Barden Bellas. This hilarious grouping of college students seek out national pride following an extremely embarrassing event that was televised live to the entire country.
In the movie, the Bellas sign up to win an international singing competition, never before won by the USA. This exploit requires better co-ordination and a stronger team spirit.
It is a good blend of musical acrobatics and comedy that pokes fun at different nationalities.
The American girls go up against sarcastic, professional and militant groups to show that love is really at the heart of good music.
Of course, you are also given a glimpse into life after college as some of the former Bellas have taken up different occupations following their graduation.
So for this Africa Freedom Day weekend, treat yourself to some international-themed comedy.
Tomorrowland today
George Clooney acts in the Disney big budget movie, Tomorrowland that sees Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) carried off on a three-dimensional adventure that seeks to save the future of the universe.
This sci-fi movie will leave viewers enchanted and amazed.
The cinema is packed with different genres of movies suitable for all ages. The animated bear Paddington is still on the big screen at Freshview.
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