Piggy banks make domestic saving easier

NOT long ago, the piggy bank was just known as an innovation to teach children the art of saving, but now adults have embraced the home saving concept.
Piggy bank is the name of a toy-shaped container that children use to deposit coins.
The original piggy container for kids’ saving was pink-coloured and shaped like a pig. But with time, it has turned out that those that could not find the piggy container used different shapes of containers to throw in coins and small banknotes.
The idea behind it was for kids to save all the possible coins that they could find in a home, and after a certain period of time, their parents or guardians would break the container and check how much money had been saved.
But not anymore. There is a wind of change that has seen adults using the piggy banks to save money.
Veronica Ikowa, of Lusaka’s ThornPark Township, says the home saving concept all started when her twin daughters closed school in August 2018.
Her daughters’ intention for saving was to buy goods for Christmas after saving for CLICK TO READ MORE

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