Letter to the Editor

Pick n Pay empowering people with disabilities

Dear editor,
PICK n Pay is one of the chain stores operating in Zambia and it has a policy of recruiting people with disabilities, particularly ladies as cashiers. This is a good gesture which should be emulated by other chain stores operating at various shopping malls dotted across the country.
Some employers, in most cases, are sceptical about employing the physically challenged people, who include the dumb, regardless of their qualifications.
This is discrimination and it should not be condoned. The crux of the matter is that the disabled people have the right to employment just like the able bodied ones.
Moving forward, I implore other chain stores to emulate Pick n Pay by considering employing those who are dumb. Kudos to Pick n Pay management for the commendable job the institution is doing of empowering differentlyabled people through employment opportunities.

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