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PF vows to defend Sata, ministers

SUNDAY Chanda says the Patriotic Front (PF) is a militant party which will stand up and defend President Sata against lies and malice in a non-violent manner but with facts.
Mr Chanda says it is unacceptable that some known people have waged a war of lies and hatred against President Sata and his ministers.
“There is a well-calculated scheme to divide and eventually kill the PF by some disgruntled people through attacks on President Sata and his ministers but genuine members will stand up and defend our leader,” he said.
Mr Chanda, who is a member of the PF,  was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday.
“PF is a militant party. It is not a party for the laid-back. We are however not agitating for violence but simply saying we will bring out facts on our President and his ministers. We shall rise and speak out,” he said.
Mr Chanda said PF members are now ready to bite the bullet and defend President Sata.