PF gets ambassadorial award


THE Christian Blind Mission (CBM) has conferred an ambassadorial award on the Patriotic Front (PF) administration in recognition of its support for people with disabilities.
President Lungu said he is humbled by the fact that CBM recognises the good work of his administration on issues of disability.
He also said all people are potentially disabled and must take care of the disabled.
“For us it is a duty to ensure that the disabled are part of the national development process. I am also grateful that you are supplementing government efforts in helping the blind and disabled people in the country,” President Lungu said.
The President was speaking at State House yesterday when he received the ambassadorial award on behalf of the PF and Government.
President Lung also urged CBM to help people of Lunga district, which has a high number of people with disabilities.
“People of Lunga are in need of basics such as water and infrastructure development because they desire for such and good development,” he said.
“We need to go there and help these people. I was there during campaigns and saw for myself. I know your programme is in its infancy and its benefits will be seen in the future,” he said.
President Lungu also said that he has a duty to demystify the presidency by accepting that it is just a job and open doors to everyone.
He also commended CBM for doing a good job in helping the disabled people.
And CBM country representative Sergio Mainetti said this is not an ordinary award.
Mr Mainetti said the award is meant to recognise the work that the PF administration is doing towards disability issues, mainstreaming disability issues in policies and legal framework.
He also said that the award signifies that Zambia has been ratifying United Nations (UN) conventions on the rights of people with disabilities.
And Zambia Federation of Organisations of People with Disabilities executive director Sarah Brotherton said Government has taken a lead in supporting people with disabilities.

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