PF has fostered national unity – Mumbi

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) deputy secretary-general Mumbi Phiri says Zambia has in the last four years under its administration intensified preaching and practising national unity and peace.
Mrs Phiri said the practice stems from members and the leadership of the ruling party and it is aimed at helping sustain peace and unity in the country.
She said this is demonstrated and re-affirmed by President Lungu’s bold pronouncement to re-dedicate Zambia as a Christian nation and the declaration of October 18 this year as a national day of prayer and fasting.
In a reflection of the fourth anniversary of the PF in office, Mrs Phiri said the ruling party has rejected the use of tribe to bar participation of its members in intra-party democracy.
“The right to aspire for leadership in the party transcends tribe as we demonstrated following the death of our founding President Mr Sata.  This crucial feature is as rare as a dog’s horn in some known political parties seeking power.
“PF continues to make a consistent case on why we must change the way we do politics as a nation. PF believes that we must co-exist for a better Zambia, and our PF political leadership has continued to espouse humility, dedication, helping the weak and providing selfless service to the nation,” she said.
And Mrs Phiri said the PF leadership has remained resilient to provide leadership and guidance to the nation, amidst strong criticism and verbal abuse from some sections of the media and their agents.
She said the PF has principally contended that true courage by competitors and adversaries alike is not in how much they insult and demean President Lungu.
“To the contrary, true courage is when they can provide solid policy alternatives to Government. The PF in Government is always ready to interact with such serious checks and balances,” Mrs Phiri said.
And Mrs Phiri has commended the PF leadership and membership as the ruling party has remained strong and attractive.
She said this is validated by the party winning seven parliamentary by-elections since January 20, 2015 when President Lungu was elected into office.
“They are still working hard to consolidate PF’s gains in this democracy. We thank each one of you for keeping the PF dream alive. I want you to know that your leadership will do more to celebrate you because without you, there is no PF,” Mrs Phiri said.

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