PF congratulates ANC on confidence vote


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary general Davies Mwila has congratulated the African National Congress (ANC) for defeating a motion of

vote of no confidence against President Zuma in the South African Parliament.
In a statement released yesterday by PF media director Sunday Chanda, Mr Mwila said as a sister party in the region, PF is proud of the historic ties politically, socially and economically between Zambia and South Africa.
“PF knows the amount of pressure driven by commercial interests aimed at derailing South Africa’s liberation movement. Fortunately on August 8, 2017, ANC members of Parliament performed their sovereign duty to affirm what the majority of South Africans have continued to re-affirm,” Mr Mwila said.
He said it is not in doubt that the ANC is South Africa’s majority party which elected a majority President who minority parties seek to remove and superimpose.
Mr Mwila said PF is happy to have received President Jacob Zuma in Zambia on August 5, 2017, and looks forward to deepening cooperation with one of Africa’s longest liberation movements, the ANC, including the sharing of best practices.
And Mr Mwila has congratulated the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) on its victory which saw the re-election of President Paul Kagame.
“The people of Rwanda have once again evidently expressed their confidence in the ruling RPF and its visionary leadership,” he said.
Mr Mwila has since re-affirmed PF’s keen interest in deepening relations with the RPF.
“Let me state that Zambia’s ruling party, PF, is desirous of developing deepened cooperation with the RPF in advancing development for both our political parties.
“PF salutes the resolve by the RPF leadership and indeed the people of Rwanda over the massive development Rwanda has continued to register, considering what the country went through in recent history,” Mr Mwila said.
He has also congratulated President Kagame, who is RPF chairman, on his re-election.
“On behalf of the PF central committee and its membership, allow me to congratulate RPF and its leadership on President Kagame’s resounding re-election,” Mr Mwila said.

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