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Acting President Guy Scott (right) with Defence and Justice minister Edgar Lungu shortly after Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29, 2014 - Picture by THOMAS NSAMA.

PF assures free poll

Patriotic Front (PF) secretary- general Edgar Lungu says the selection of the party president and the republican President by-election will be done in a free and transparent process.
He has also said that the entirety of the PF delegates will have the opportunity to openly elect their own leader who will be the party candidate.
Mr Lungu, who is also Minister of Justice and Defence said in a statement yesterday that any member of the party that wants to stand as party president will be allowed to do.
“…the selection of the party presidential candidate will be done in a free, fair and transparent process allowing anyone who wants to be contender the chance to do so,” he said.
Mr Lungu said Zambia’s governance systems are strong and have continuously demonstrated smooth transitions to new parties and presidents throughout its 50-year history and the PF is committed to continuing the tradition.
“The transition from one -party to multi-party rule in 1991 and the passing of President Levy Mwanawasa, SC, in 2008 were such times, and the untimely passing of President Michael Chilufya Sata is yet another.
“The accession of Dr Guy Scott as Acting State President is further example of Zambia’s tradition of constitutional process,” he said.
Mr Lungu said that during the 90-day transition, the PF will continue to safeguard the friendly environment for business, tourism and the peaceful transition of power within the party and during the lead to the presidential by-election.
He said the ruling party is also committed to the promotion of well targeted government investment in infrastructure development.
“We acknowledge the party may contain some differences of opinions on some subjects. We are however confident and capable of rising above them,” he said.
Mr Lungu assured the nation, business groups and the international community that the PF is determined to ensure that there is stability, peace and tranquillity during this period and beyond.