Petersen to breathe more Zaga Life

WHEN Petersen Zagaze recently asked on his Facebook page as to which songs were currently happening, there were a number of submissions by his fans including works by Chef 187, Macky II, Roberto, Mumba Yachi, Jae Cash, Drifta and Drimz.

However, one Lutangu Trump Montego, who after pointing out that Chef’s Amnesia is currently happening, went further to say what he really wants is a dancehall hit from Petersen himself.

Well, there is good news for Lutangu; Petersen will have something new although it is not any time soon and he is keeping details close to his chest.
Petersen, who recently performed at the Mosi Day of Thunder in Livingstone, told the Weekend Mail that he will be releasing Spartacus as a 2018 album. He says this is line with his plan of releasing an album every three years.
But he is not divulging any further information although he says fans will not be disappointed with the songs.
The Job 13: 13 singer attributes his musical success to God.
“It’s all God that makes me have hit songs. God makes it happen. I make music which ends up being liked by people,” he says while adding that he is still learning despite having been in the industry for over a decade.
“Interacting with others is what keeps me going, and I also listen to other people’s music.”


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