Petersen finds loose connection


AFTER hosting Rich Bizzy, the Ungayende Ku Munzi So singer, Livingstone’s Club Connect last weekend pulled another heavyweight in Petersen Zagaze.
The show was Petersen’s first appearance on the stage in the tourist capital since he contested the Lusaka mayoral elections in July where he emerged a distant third.
It was however his second appearance in Livingstone following the earlier one early this year at Blue Ray Nightclub.
Both shows were however characterised by low turnout, something the Sefula Boy singer, who is promoting his recently-released studio album Spartacus should be concerned with.
Despite the show being fairly publicised and priced at K30, it is a puzzle why the attendance was so low for a musician who enjoys a fairly huge following.
But despite the show having flopped on that score, Petersen turned up and entertained those that were loyal enough to part away with K30. To his credit, the Ku Munda Kuli Boring singer performed until around 02:00 hours on Saturday.
Livingstone, based upstart Malulu was first to open the show for celebrated Petersen who was not performing with his Zaga Lyfe Band at 00:30 hours. Despite being obviously disappointed by the low turnout, it did not show in the performance.
He started with a number of his latest collections before turning to his old catalogue of songs which the delighted the audience. Songs like Makwebo, Kalukobo and Sefula Boy were well received.
Edma, another Livingstone-based upstart, closed the show that was later to be taken to Taonga Safari’s where the artiste was again scheduled to stage a family show.

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