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Petersen comes to Macky II’s defence

MACKY II’S first week in Big Brother Africa Hotshot has seen divided impressions by the public with some saying he is too quiet, but Petersen, never afraid to express his views, has come to his fellow artist’s defence.
In a message posted on his Facebook page, Petersen took issue with viewers who think that Macky II is not being real in the house.
“I see people that don’t even know Macky II on a personal level say he should be real. Just because you hear him say stuff on his song and creating that Umupondo image doesn’t mean that’s who he is. It’s like expecting Bob Nkosha to act like Dorika in reality…lol. If you don’t know his real personality, shut up and sit down,” Zagaze writes.
“The Dj Buga I know listens a lot and talks little. He doesn’t drink nor smokes, so don’t expect him to act and come out like every hyper intoxicated house mate.
“At least you have an opportunity to know the real Mark Mulaza Kaira not the entertainment image you see on music videos. He ain’t what you expected…Let’s support what is Zambian, that means Resa too.”
Mampi and Cactus Agony have also been publicly backing Macky II, urging fans on their Facebook walls to vote for him.
But there are others who are just out to get at Macky II.
One person asked on Facebook who Macky II is saying they only know JK, Ballad Zulu and R. Kelly. When told who Macky II is, they asked whether he has won any MTV Music Awards or not.
Put simply, they were not being real; in any case, R. Kelly is not a Zambian musician.
Still, Macky II seems to get a lot of love from those with roots on the Copperbelt. After all, that is his base.

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