Petersen brings Zagalyfe to the Frog

HE MAY still consider himself a Sefula boy, but Petersen has evolved as a musician since releasing his Munyaule album in 2005.
His growth has been so impressive that it is unfair not to indict those who came before him for their stunted growth.
How many in his generation are capable of comfortably performing live, let alone having their own band?
One can only think of Danny Kaya and his Mo Fire Band.
By forming his own Zagalyfe Band, Petersen is throwing a direct challenge to the current crop of musicians who always opt for the easy way out – lip-synching.
It is a direct challenge, particularly that during his performance, Petersen is able to cover some of their songs, and wonderfully so.
His Thursday performances at The Frog in Lusaka have grown so popular that he now has a healthy following, including that of musicians.
Call it a family show. His show last week attracted the likes of Dalisoul and 2wice.
Oh, and Pilato.
Petersen even did a special song for Pilato. Well, just a few lines anyway.
He had opened the show with Bobojani before singing Nimwe Lesa. Perhaps, he should have started with Nimwe Lesa.
But then, Petersen was very unpredictable throughout his performances.
For instance, Bainzi (bakonda pa vintu voola) by Boyd Sage became Bainzi Bakonda Mafootballers.
He also took aim at James Chamanyazi, who was in the house when he sang Diya Lelo.
Petersen said the song was sung by some skinny boy in an over-sized shirt, in reference to the way Chamanyazi appears in the video of Diya Lelo.
By the way, Chamanyazi’s songs like Diya Lelo, Nkwale (Analila Mulenga) and others are available in an album form at the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) transcription service.
Anyway, Petersen was paying tribute to all those who came before him.
He sang some songs by the likes of late Daddy Zemus, JK and MC Wabwino.
That was before he stirred it up with Stir It Up, a song written by Bob Marley for his wife, Rita, and first made popular by Jonny Nash.
But Petersen is still a Sefula Boy; so he performed his own songs like Fwaka, Zesco Donsa (Shyman Shaizo featuring Petersen and Ozzy), Stoga and tracks from his forthcoming album titled King Solomon.

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