Pedicle Road works impress RDA chair

ROAD Development Agency (RDA) board chairperson Samuel Mukupa is impressed with works on the upgrading Pedicle Road from gravel to bituminous level.
Mr Mukupa, who is accompanied by RDA chief executive officer Kanyuka Mumba and other RDA officials, said many road contractors have been working slowly.
“We are happy with the works that are being done here by our engineers. Despite the slow flow of finances by Government, the work is still continuing,” Mr Mukupa.
He was particularly happy that the construction of the bridge is progressing well.
Mr Mukupa said the bridge will be completed even if the rains were to start tomorrow.
“Tarring of the road is 60 percent done and that again is also another mark in the right direction. This road linking Zambia to Congo through the Pedicle is one road to which economic and political importance has been attached,” Mr Mukupa said.
He said the DRC and Zambia want the Pedicle Road to be completed because of the benefits it offers to both countries.
The board chairperson said the completion of the road will help bridge one side of the country with the other, making it easier for Zambians to travel to Luapula.
He thanked the DRC for the co-operation in the execution of the project.
“This is a clear demonstration of the unity between DRC and Zambia. I can only commend the contractors who are doing everything possible.
“We feel there will have a window of liquid finance so that the project can be completed,” Mr Mukupa said.
Meanwhile, the board chairperson castigated the contractor for lack of provision of protective clothes for workers.
“The laws of Zambia in relation to labour laws are very clear. Our workers, be it casual or otherwise, are in constant touch with hazardous materials and need protective clothing,” he said.
He warned that should it continue, sanctions will be imposed.
And Copper Field Mining Service site manager Marco Cao said workers are provided with protective clothes but some of them sell.
He promised to ensure workers wear their protective gear all the time.
Mr Cao said the upgrading of the road to bituminous standard will be completed by December this year.
The project started in 2011 and was supposed to be completed in 2014.

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