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HWPL First peace monument in Zambia.

Peace vital in education transmission

KABWATA Member of Parliament Andrew Tayengwa has implored teachers in Zambia to continuously educate and inspire children in a peaceful manner. Mr Tayengwa said that peaceful education plays an important role in young learners. Speaking during the Peace Monument completion ceremony, he said this is a significant step towards spreading the culture of peace in Zambia and beyond. “The promotion of peace should involve continuous efforts, not one-off events,” he said. And a peace educator from Kamwala Secondary School, Mary Kapalu, said the monument is a commitment to promote the culture of peace and unity. “I wish to commend HWPL for the support in the implementation of peace programme initiatives in schools. The
government of Zambia, through the Ministry of Education, acknowledges the changes that have taken place today at
Childhood Joy Academy,” Ms Kapalu said. The project was initiated by an international peace organisation called Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) in partnership with Childhood Joy Academy (CJA). HWPL Peace Education Department coordinator Katelyn Shim said the monument is made in the form of an open book, with HWPL’s The Declaration of World Peace written on it. Ms Shim said this is a promise that the Peace Monument will be an important page in Zambia’s peace history and will continue.