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Patients urged to bear with nurses

PATIENTS have a role to play in correcting the negative attitude portrayed by nursing staff during their course of duty,  Zambia Union of Nurses immediate past president Thom Yungana has said.
Mr Yungana said patients must not expect a nurse that is smiling every time because they have feelings and can be hurt by patients’ utterances.
He said in an interview recently that there is need for patients and nurses to understand each other to avoid complaints of negative attitude by nurses.
“Patients expect an ever-smiling nurse and nurses also want a cooperative patient who appreciates the services rendered, so it is a two-way process,” he said
Mr Yungana said patients and the general public must understand that health institutions countrywide are understaffed and the delay to be attended to by nurses is because of the workload.
“The current ratio is two nurses against 40 patients, and that has brought about discontent. Nurses and midwives need to be motivated,” he said.
He said there is no profession that is full of angels and nurses must be taken as human beings just like any other person.
Mr Yungana said because nursing is a very important profession which consisted of a large number of health workers in the country, conditions of service need to be  improved to reduce some of the complaints by patients.

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