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Pastor Simbeye, wife deliver Holy Ghost Fire album

PASTOR Simbeye.

Gospel Grooves with FELIX NYAMBE
TRIUMPH Joy Assemblies founders and gospel singers Joseph Simbeye and his wife Miriam Mvula-Simbeye are truly God’s ambassadors.
But they are not alone; Pastor Simbeye’s mother Lister Nambeye, who has been sharing daily aspirations and testimonies with them, is equally an ambassador.
The Simbeye’s have a new album titled Holy Ghost Fire, in which they proclaim through their songs that Jesus Christ will quench Satan and his adversaries’ mission, which is to steal, kill and destroy.
The album is a sequel to Kalata Kwa Mulungu (Letter to God) which they released some five years ago.
But their latest album is one that will surely bring some hope in hopeless souls.
With some assurance songs such as Chako/Madaliso Niyako, Mulungu Wanga Ubadalise and Yesu Wamunazareti, the Simbeyes’ social commentary-sauced gospel tracks are all heart fulfilling.
Recorded and produced at Jerry D’s Cabin Studios, with additional instruments by Victor Simukonda, the 10-track album is tailor-made for the followers of Jesus.
“I am normally inspired by the Word of God whenever I’m writing and recording my songs and that is my strength,” revealed Pastor Simbeye, whose music is inspired by God as well as Joyce Mwanza and South Africa’s Sipo Makebane.
He named some of the Scriptures which uplift him and his dedicated flock in his ministry as Genesis 1:28, 2 Corinthians 6:2-3 and Luke 10:17 because through the word of God, every knee bows down and every knee confesses of the mighty of God.
Concluding the album is the song Mulungu Wanga, which attests to the fact that there is no God greater than that of Pastor and Mrs Simbeye.
But there are other songs like Eleza Wenga Wamanya, Mfuleni Amasambi, Ambuye Wakumwamba and Bwela Yesu, which all confirm that with Jesus in your life, all backwardness shall come to pass.
The Simbeyes, who are blessed with five children; Sungananji Nambeye, Joseph Jr., Luswepo, Penjani and Miriam Izukanji Nambeye, have impacted on the Christian community with their albums.
Their albums include Izwi (2007), Ukupepa (2008) and Kalata Kwa Mulungu (20120 which all yielded the revealing videos of Izwi, Talk Time, Ukupepa, Loan, Kalata Kwa Mulungu and Chance.
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