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Party of Jokes team moves to Luanshya town

COMEDIANS Bob Nkosha (Dorika), Collins ‘The president’ Zulu and Dereck Chalo Kondowe (Dangerous Joburg) are teaming again today for a show dubbed ‘Party of Jokes’ at Luanshya’s Rados Little Theatre.
The trio are geared to show off their comedic chemistry to Rados which has not had such a show in a decade.
The trio explained that this new show was born after their collaboration in conjunction with Luanshya’s Ngoma FM radio and Rados Little Theatre.
The show will see the special appearance of Dorika.
“We have not taken comedy to Luanshya in the last 10 years. This is done to also ensure that we give life once again to the once vibrant Rados Theatre,” Kondowe said.
In 2002, Luanshya town came alive when it hosted the annual National Theatre Arts Association of Zambia (NATAAZ) senior festival at Rados Theatre.
Kondowe said a lot of special and surprises and non-stop laughter are expected during the season.
He then went on to praise his co-star Nkosha for the comedic skills he brings to the table.
“In a situation like this, you have to know you have great partners. I know I’m going to be funny when I’m with two colleagues who are far funnier than I am. Actually, it will be a double show as I will be celebrating my 57th birthday on the same day,” Kondowe said.
Kondowe starred in a variety of specials, and says he is ecstatic to be working with people who understand comedy as much as he does.
The tickets for the show can be purchased from Ngoma FM Radio and Rados Little Theatre at a cost of K40. The show begins at 19:00hrs.

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