Partner Red Cross, State urged

FORMER Zambia Red Cross Society secretary general Charles Mushitu has urged Government to seriously consider partnering with institutions like the Zambia Red Cross in sensitizing people on the deadly Ebola.
Mr Mushitu said in an issued press statement that the prevention of diseases such as cholera, TB, measles, Ebola and other water or airborne diseases, lies in public health education.
“It is my strong conviction that the effectiveness of preventing the outbreak of Ebola lies in em-powering communities with information on Ebola,” Mr Mushitu stated.
He said Government should seriously consider partnering with the Zambia Red Cross Society as it is the largest humanitarian organisation in the country, with an army of more than 20,000 vol-unteers across the country.
“In each and every district in the country, there are well-trained and equipped Red Cross volun-teers working 24/7,” Mr Mushitu noted.
He also advised that the Red Cross, through its international affiliation, has adequate expertise and experience in handling issues of disease prevention as demonstrated in the past during na-tional cholera and measles outbreaks.
Mr Mushitu further explained that the cost of doing this would be minimal as the Red Cross, through support from the International Federation of the Red Cross, has both human and materi-al resources to achieve this.
“It is my humble conviction that if such measures were taken, the chances of Ebola breaking out in Zambia would be slim as people would be equipped with the right information on the disease and how to detect it,” Mr Mushitu said.
He also noted the government’s serious interventions to prevent any possible outbreak of Ebola in Zambia.

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