No Parking at Chrismar Hotel

AFTER taking a break during his performance at Chrismar Hotel in Lusaka last Friday, Lloyd remarked to this writer: “This girl is good, she can do almost anything.”
Lloyd, the No Parking Band leader, could have as well said she is brilliant. Yes, she is that brilliant. But it is not just her, it is the whole band.
The girl Lloyd was talking about of course is Dambisa.
And make no mistake; he is not talking about singer Marsha Moyo’s sister Dambisa, author of best-selling Dead Aid and who was named among the 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIME magazine.
Quite admirable credentials for the author and economist Dambisa!
But Dambisa the singer is equally good when it comes to singing and performing live. Yes, you may remember her song Kaduka Chain, on which she worked with Petersen, but it is when she is performing covers that you get to understand why Lloyd would say she is good.
And she could be daring also in her performances.
At one point at Chrismar last Friday, she performed on top of the dining tables, dancing and singing to Tina Turner’s Simply the Best.
The patrons were in awe, but so was the band leader Lloyd himself. Or else where do think the remark that she is good came from!
But there is more to No Parking Band than just Dambisa.
How about Lloyd himself?
When he led on vocals, he always had the audience on their edge, and for some, they were always joining him on stage, particularly on the song Pamushi Palubabo, by Mulemena Boys, which was repeated performed on special request. Although some of the dancing was the kind that can be best performed by Mr Bean, they nonetheless enjoyed themselves.
In fact, aside from the good performances by Dambisa, Lloyd and the entire band, some of the memorable happenings of last Friday include that of one skimpily dressed woman in high heels falling on the dance floor before quickly dusting herself and continuing from where she had ended as if nothing unusual had happened.
Perhaps that is what alcohol, when taken excessively, is capable of doing.
But who can forget the reggae performance by Rodigan, who performed among others a medley and Guess Who is coming to Dinner
How was that Shakarongo?

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