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Parents should protect their children

Thursday, February 5, 2015: As I write in my diary today, we all wait with bated breath to hear what will happen with Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the famous singer, Whitney Houston. Will the family allow the doctors to switch off the life support system?
What makes this event so gripping is that Bobbi is only 21 years old. Yet it looks like the end of her life may be around the corner. Like her mother, she was found in a bathtub unconscious. Thankfully, unlike her mum who was found dead, Bobbi was found alive.
Bobbi was rushed to the hospital and has been on life-support system since then. The doctors have not been very optimistic and have given the family a sombre prognosis. So, the world waits to hear what decision they will make – to wait indefinitely or end her life.
Bobbi had a very difficult childhood because both her parents had drug problems, including the taking of cocaine. This led to domestic violence, which the press picked up. It was not long before her parents broke up. So, she was a product of a broken home.
Whitney bequeathed her wealth to Bobbi when she died in January 2012. Wikipedia states that her estate was estimated at about US$115 million. This included her clothing, cars, jewellery, personal effects, and furniture. This was obviously too much too soon.
Controversy surrounds claims that in January 2014 Bobbi got married to Nick Gordon, who had spent his teenage years in the Houston household. It was Nick who found Bobbi unconscious in her bathtub and called an ambulance to take her to the hospital.
Being the daughter of celebrities, Bobbi was cast upon the public stage almost from birth. She was soon growing in her role as a singer, an actor, and a reality show personality. This, no doubt, brought a lot of pressure to bear upon her young life.
Once paparazzi set their cameras on you, you have had it! You become a victim of every form of rumour simply because they know that your name sells and so their photos will sell. Older people can handle this, but young people fail to deal with this pressure.
When you look at the pictures on the Internet of Bobbi you wonder how long she was going to survive this attention. The pictures alone tell you that she was a disaster waiting to happen. Sadly, the disaster has taken place at a young age – at the age of 21.
What can we learn from this as we continue to pray for Bobbi’s miraculous healing? It is the fact that parents ought to do everything to protect their children. So much about the future of a human being depends on the shelter of parental tender loving care.
When parents are still fighting, drinking, and partying long after they have brought a child into the world they are being grossly selfish. Lifestyles must change when a baby arrives. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown failed their daughter Bobbi at that point.
Parents who are famous must also shelter their children from undue attention. This happens also to pastors’ kids. They are put in a psychological cage with everyone watching their every move. No wonder so many pastors’ children prove a total disaster in the end!
Wealthy parents should also shelter their children from having too much too soon. Teenagers experience hormonal changes that often make them fail to handle peer pressure. They get into showing-off competitions that if not controlled can be ruinous to their souls.
Finally, parents should shelter their children from being released into the world too soon. Granted, there are a few childhood stars who have reached old age without ruining their lives. But they are exceptions to the rule. Believe me, the world out there is unkind to kids.
God in his wisdom brings his creatures into the world through parents. This is because he wants them to be protected, disciplined, and trained to face the world out there. If we fail to protect them, God will hold us parents accountable and punish us in hell forever!
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