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Parents: Pray for your children

THURSDAY, January 21, 2016: I was amazed when I met Matthew and he told me that he did not know how to pray for his children. However, when I asked a few parents I soon discovered that this was not Matthew’s problem alone.
Too many parents do not know how to pray for their children. Yet, it is crucial to do so because there are many challenges that children go through, from the time they are born to the time they leave home, for which they will need the grace of God.
So, I asked Matthew to allow me a day to send him a number of prayer items for his children. I know that the list that I sent him should keep him on his knees for quite some time each day. I did not expect him to pray for all these items daily. Here they are:
Pray for your children’s trouble-free birth. You must start praying for your children even before they are born. As soon as your wife conceives, you must start asking God for a healthy pregnancy and a successful delivery, even if you have good medical services.
Pray for your children’s physical protection. This is the most obvious because children are not wary about the dangers that lurk all around them and as a parent, you cannot always be with them. Only God is where they are 100 percent and so pray that he protects them.
Pray for the relationships of your children to one another and also to you as parents in the home. In many ways, the ambience in the home is what makes your home a “home sweet home” or a living hell. What your children will be in years to come depends a lot on this.
Pray for your children’s education. This is what they will spend most of their time for the next two decades of their lives. Getting good schools and good teachers must never be taken for granted. Also, your child has to understand the lessons in order to truly benefit.
Pray for your children’s friends. We all know the saying, “Bad company ruins good morals”. The kind of friends your children will hang out with will either make or break their moral lives. So, ask God to give them the kind of friends who will build them up morally.
Pray for your children’s spiritual lives. We are all born sinners and need a transforming work of God in our lives to enable us to live straight. Going to church is no guarantee that this change will take place. Ask God to change the hearts of your children.
Pray for your children’s discipline. All parents have to spend time weeding the hearts of their children and it is a very painful process, especially when it reaches the point of even spanking them. Pray to God that the children will benefit from all this and not rebel.
Pray for your children’s physical supplies. Remember, you are the one who earns money and so you are the one who must supply all their needs-food, toys, clothes, school fees, recreation and entertainment, etc. This is one of the most difficult parental tasks!
Pray for your children’s career choices. It is not easy for children to arrive at what careers to embark on. Some are gifted in social sciences while others are gifted in natural sciences. Too many adults end up changing careers so often that they never progress.
Pray for your children to get good jobs. This is the next after choosing a career. In Zambia, that is like looking for a pin in the forest. Jobs are hard to come by. There is too much corruption in the human resource area, with some managers asking for sexual favours.
Pray for your children’s choice of a spouse. Marrying a wrong person is the worst error anyone can ever make in life because they have to live with that choice for the rest of their lives. You only marry once or at least you are supposed to only marry once.
Pray for your children’s marriages. Many parents think that once your children get married, you can go into sleep mode until the children come knocking on their doors with their suitcases and grand children. To prevent that, pray for God to help their marriages.
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