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Parents must care for children

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
IT IS believed only stepmothers are cruel to their stepchildren, but the story I learnt made me believe some people are cruel, even to their own flesh and blood.
Bizarre as it may sound, I learnt of a story of how a mother was jealous of her oldest daughter because she was too close to her father.
Don’t even begin to think this was a stepdaughter, but the couple’s biological daughter.
Let me give you a brief background of the family. The couple were young sweethearts with big dreams. Before they got married, the woman fell pregnant and gave birth to a daughter.
Unfortunately, the baby was born with some abnormality which required medical attention time and again. The father had to work extra hard to pay the medical bills in an effort to make the child’s life as comfortable as possible.
Growing up, she was a slow learner compared to her other siblings. She did not do so well in school as compared to other learners. As a result of her incapability, her father had a softer spot for her compared to the other children.
He would rush home from work to spend time with his daughter. The man was always on his daughter’s side whenever the mother scolded her. This did not sit well with the mother, who felt she was being favoured compared to her siblings.
In the absence of her father, the girl was abused by her mother for ‘attracting’ all the attention from the father as compared to the rest of the family members.
Eventually, the girl lost her self-esteem and the fact that she believed she amounted to nothing, she gave up on dreaming big.
Whenever her father was away at work, the mother would treat her like a maid while her siblings concentrated on their studies. She would be warned not to dare disturb her ambitious siblings.
She was further warned not to utter a word to her father, failure to which she would attract the mother’s wrath.
Some of the woman’s friends got to believe that her daughter was not part of the family but a maid. It was only after a period of time that the neighbourhood learnt that she was actually the couple’s first born.
To cut the long story short, the mother is now a widow and there is no one to look after her, other than the same daughter that she once abused.
Remember what goes round, comes around.
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