Letter to the Editor

Parents beware of fraudsters

Dear editor,
INFORMATION about more than 500 Zambian students getting stranded in China makes sad reading.
I  want to address the parents of the children in this letter. Every parent wants the best for their child. They want their child to have the best education, the best hospital care when they are sick and to enjoy the best things in life. This is normal.
For some of these goodies a parent wishes for their child, it is better to count the cost. Sometimes as Zambians, we have the tendency that situations will take care of themselves, the fika isolva symdrome”.
I am writing this because I feel for the parents of the stranded children. Of course they did not foresee that the kwacha would fall against the dollar. Let us take this as a lesson.
Parents should also be wary about recruitment organisations that promise sponsorships. Universities are only interested in attaining large enrolments and which institution has the funds to sponsor a students? How will they recover their funds?

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