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Parent can’t stand man’s affair with niece, daughter


A PARENT has suffered a double blow after he discovered that the man who deflowered his niece was also responsible for his daughter’s pregnancy.
Cosmas Mutalila’s revelation in the Kabushi Local Court shocked the audience when he narrated that the defendant, Shad Zimba, 26, promised to marry both of them.
Mutalila, 45, was testifying in a case in which he sued Zimba, of Kabushi Township seeking damages for his 19-year-old daughter’s loss of virginity.
He told the court that his daughter was seven months pregnant.
But in his testimony, Zimba accepted responsibility and told the court that he was intending to marry Mutalila’s daughter.
It was at that point that Mutalila responded with rage saying he would not allow Zimba to marry his daughter because he had also promised to marry his niece. CLICK