Panji urges scientists to use ICTs

GOVERNMENT has urged scientists to use research and knowledge in information and communication technologies (ICTs) by collaborating and bringing about innovative solutions to challenges affecting the growth of the sector.
Deputy Minister of Transport, Works, Communications and Supply Panji Kaunda said if the country is to have players in the global economy, education and research institutions need to produce knowledgeable workers who will be competent on the international market.
“I am posing a challenge to our researchers and academicians to aggressively use research and education networks which are now being rolled out to collaborate and bring about innovative and workable solutions to our unique situations.
“We need to build our own capacities in science, technology and innovation to demonstrate the powerful effect of improvement and collaboration and developing the ICT sector,” Colonel Kaunda said.
Col Kaunda, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the annual seventh Ubuntunet-Connect 2014 conference in Lusaka recently, said the internet is a game-changer that can enable Zambia compete with other countries on the global market.
Col Kaunda said information is increasingly recognised as one of the major drivers of the evolving global economy, an influence of production alongside land, labour and capital which is critical to economic growth.
He also urged scientists to take full advantage of Zambia Research and Education Network (ZAMEN) and Ubuntunet Alliance networks to join the global community and gain access to the internet.
Earlier ZAMEN chief executive officer Bonny Khunga said a dream of a network-connected Africa participating on the global research and academic platforms in creating and providing innovative solutions will contribute to social-economic development.
He said ZAMEN has created a family with a commitment to produce advanced research and education network in Africa.

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