Letter to the Editor

Pain too much to bear

Dear editor,
THE death of President Sata is a blow not only to the first family but to the nation at large.
I am left with no words to describe the man, but you will agree with me that in such a short period the Patriotic Front has been in office, never before has Zambia seen such massive infrastructure development.
10 years in opposition and three years in State House, and there is massive road construction: hospitals and clinics, not to mention schools and universities. Never before had civil servants enjoyed receiving decent salaries; never before had the street vendors traded freely on the streets without police brutality, and never before had Parliament enjoyed such interactions between ruling and opposition members.
Indeed, never before have we seen so many districts created in the nation, hence bringing development closer to the people.
President Sata was a man of action, but he has gone too soon. May the incoming president continue from where he ended.
The die is cast. Let the rest be completed.
May his soul rest in eternal peace. We will miss you, King Cobra!

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