PAC questions K6m tsetse funds

Zambia's Parliament building.

MINISTRY of Fisheries and Livestock controlling officer Benson Mwenya was yesterday at pains to explain why the company contracted to eliminate tsetse flies in three districts has not done so despite Government paying it over K6 million.
Public Accounts Committee (PAC) members questioned why the ministry allowed 90,000 litres of insecticide worth over K3.2 million supplied for the exercise to expire.
This was when Dr Mwenya led a delegation to appear before PAC, some of who (PAC members) attended the meeting virtually.
The latest Auditor General’s report has revealed that the contractor engaged to undertake night-time aerial spraying in Rufunsa, Luano and Nyimba districts, valued at over K31.8 million, has not executed the job despite rescheduling the exercise three times between 2018 and CLICK TO READ MORE

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