Letter to the Editor

PAC hearings informative

Dear editor
I AM an avid follower of parliamentary debates, including Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) hearings.
It is alarming and saddening to hear of the levels at which public funds are being misappropriated and misused in different ministries.
Instead of just admonishing the officers who are alleged to have flouted the financial regulations, it is about time that erring officers should be made an example of so as to deter would-be offenders.
It is especially disheartening that although President Edgar Lungu has announced austerity measures, some people have turned a blind eye to the presidential directive.
If deliberate efforts are not instituted to hold erring officers accountable, this worrying trend of misusing or misapplying public monies will continue
What is disappointing is that there are so many needy and vulnerable members of society who are suffering because of a few individuals.

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