OYDC applauded

SPORT Leaders Institute of Zimbabwe (SLIZ) president Russell Maradza Mhiribidi is impressed with the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC).
Mhiribidi commended the International Olympic Committee (IOC), National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) and the Zambian government for the initiative to construct the facility.
“I am very impressed with the facility here at OYDC, we did not expect it to be of such standard. I must also say we are impressed with the organisation and the hospitality of people here. I would also like to take this opportunity to praise your Government, the IOC and the NOCZ for initiating the construction of this place that is and will continue impacting on the lives of many athletes,” Mhiribidi said.
He also expressed happiness at the success of hockey who for the first time qualified for the Nanjing Youth Olympics last year.
“We decided to come to Zambia because we want our sports leaders to be conversant with the sporting systems here. We hope we can emulate the works of a neighbouring country that is doing so well.
“I am also impressed with the development of hockey at OYDC who within a few years of existence qualified a team to the Olympics. This is something that old sports have failed to do,” Mhiribidi said.
He said his country plans to build a similar centre.
And OYDC administration manager Sitali Mayamba was humbled by the visit of the Zimbabweans.
The Zimbabweans also visited OlympAfrica and will today visit National Sports Development Centre, National Heroes Stadium and Sport in Action, among others.

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