Letter to the Editor

Overcoming poor perception of Christianity in Africa

Dear editor,
IT IS no surprise to hear that most Christian countries in Africa if not all harbour the poorest minds.
The song of ‘we are going to enjoy in heaven let us suffer now’ is no longer selling on the world market.
The spectacle of an African-Christian needs to be changed, because it has made him be of heavenly mind but of no earthly use.
Unfortunately, the outcome of this ungodly mindset has a telling effect on the economy of these so-called Christian countries.
Is Christianity the problem? No, the problem is our rambunctious view towards Christianity.
The plea is for African- Christians to stop settling for less and start working hard.
The African-Christian can emulate China, North Korea and other non-Christian countries.
These countries harbour hardworking minds and creative souls.
But Christians who claim to know God live in misery and poverty.
If you see a man who does nothing but always pray, sooner or later he will stop praying.
So let us pray as though the efficacy and praise belong to God but labour as though all duty belong to us.

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