Over 8,000 antibody tests conducted

A laboratory worker places a test tube containing a patient's sample into a box during coronavirus detection tests in the virology research labs at UZ Leuven university hospital in Leuven, Belgium, on Friday, Feb. 28, 2020. China has kick-started a clinical trial to speedily test a drug for the novel coronavirus infection as the nation rushes therapies for those afflicted and scours for vaccines to protect the rest. Photographer: Geert Vanden Wijngaert/Bloomberg via Getty Images

GOVERNMENT has so far conducted 8,000 antibody tests in six provinces as part of efforts to establish the depth and spread of COVID-19, whose social and economic ramifications are telling.
And the country recorded 358 new cases with 10 brought-in-dead.
Lead infectious diseases specialist Lloyd Mulenga said in an interview yesterday that Zambia started conducting antibody tests a month ago.
A coronavirus antibody test is done to check if an individual has had the virus before. This will help ascertain the spread of the virus, which has been reported in most parts of the country.
On Thursday, head of Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention John Nkengasong said Zambia is among seven African countries that have started conducting antibody tests to understand how widespread the infection is on the continent. CLICK TO READ MORE

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