Over 30,000 jobs in Mporokoso coming

SMALL-SCALE farmers need machinery for them to effectively contribute to agricultural production and the country's economy.

OVER 30,000 jobs are expected to be created in Mporokoso district in Northern Province after the establishment of a 140,000 hectare farming block, Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile has said.
Mr Mundubile said feasibility studies were being done by a Chinese company on the selected land to determine the crops that could be grown there.
He said the government would not rush into farming but first put in place infrastructure.
“We first of all want to ensure that we establish the necessary infrastructure such as an electricity generation plant and roads,” Mr Mundubile said.
He said there was need to construct dams and farrows to ensure there was no wastage of water.
“We want to engage a large-scale farmer who will be buying the crops from the smaller farmers through the out-grower scheme. Therefore, the small-scale farmers will be empowered,” Mr Mundubile said.
He said a survey had shown that there were about 340 settlers on the proposed land who would be recruited into the project.
“No-one will be made to move from the area because as a government, it is these same people that we want to empower,” Mr Mundubile said.
He said Government would also construct a road up to Mpulungu so that the farm produce can be exported to East Africa through Mpulungu Harbour since there is a ready market,” he said.

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