Over 3,000 register on e-GP

MORE than 3,000 suppliers have registered on the electronic Government procurement (e-GP) system that is aimed at increasing transparency and accountability in public procurement.
Government, through the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA), is implementing the electronic procurement system that will result in all public tenders to be conducted online, beginning 2017.
In an interview last Friday, ZPPA public relations officer John Chipandwe said the system is being piloted on six organisations with full roll-out to be implemented next year.
He said a circular has been issued to all controlling officers and procurement entities for them to start conducting their procurements electronically in 2017.
“We have developed an intensive training schedule for all our clients to ensure they are conversant with the e-GP system before we fully roll out the programme. The response from suppliers is encouraging and so far, we have 3,524 registered suppliers on the system.”
“The system is working properly, and all pilot sites are using it, and so far, we have 21 tenders running under the system,” Mr Chipandwe said.
He said ZPPA will establish one-stop shop centres in all parts of the country where bidders who don’t have access to internet will be able to access the service free of charge.
“People will not be disadvantaged, I think we are helping their businesses to grow because of numerous costs that e-GP is eliminating such as travelling costs, paper costs, among other things,” Mr Chipandwe said.

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