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Over 200 houses collapse in Kabwe

THE number of houses that have collapsed in Kabwe as a result of heavy rains has risen to over 200 from last week’s 75, leaving over 1,000 people homeless.
By yesterday the number of houses that have collapsed in Makululu township had risen to 178 and in Kalonga ward the figure had reached 80.
Kabwe district commissioner Dominic Mulenga could not state the exact number the houses that have collapsed across the town saying he was waiting for a detailed report.
Makululu Ward councillor Victor Kolala said people whose houses had collapsed were now squatting with their neighbours and relatives.
“As of today the information I have with me indicates that we have a total of 178 houses in Makululu ward that have collapsed and many people are affected because one household has six to seven members,” Mr Kolala said.
He attributed the collapsing of the houses to lack of a drainage and poor construction of the structures.
Mr Kolala said the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) was aware of the problem.
He said DMMU would help the affected families with food and blankets while efforts to find lasting solutions to their predicament were being explored.
Kalonga ward councillor Betty Kapapula also attributed the collapsing of the houses to heavy rainfall and lack of a drainage system.
Ms Kapapula appealed to Government to come to the aid of the affected people because some of them do not have where to go.
She feared an outbreak of disease in the area because of the heavy rains.

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