Letter to the Editor

Our Judiciary spits out critics

Dear editor,
I WRITE to commend our Judiciary for proving to the general world and indeed Zambians that it is operating independently and

free of the Executive.
This is against critics who have been blowing the trumpet the loudest that it is corrupt and is aligned to Patriotic Front Party Government.
The acquittal of former Lusaka Minister and others this week has proved that the Judiciary is actually independent of any external muzzle by the Executive.
As Zambians, we should give credit where it is deserved instead of always politicking and condemning the ruling party of intimidation.
The acquittal of Mwaliteta and others for lack of convictable evidence by the courts of law where they have been facing aggravated robbery offences has therefore spat out Patriotic Front Party Government critics.
The Executive has always upheld the rule of law and never to meddle in other arms of Government namely; the Legislature and Judiciary.
Those who still doubt our courts of law should now rethink their stance and just support them and leave them to do their work professionally.
Not too long ago, Sylvia Masebo and Maxwell Mwale, the former Mines Minister, were acquitted by our courts of law to add to the exclusive professional conduct and independence the Executive has attached to other organs of Government.

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