Letter to the Editor

Our budget expectations

Dear editor,
As BUYZED campaign, we are expectant that Government will address the following in order to prepare itself to gain competitiveness as the African Union ponders free trade among its members.
1. Zero, rate all import taxes on imported raw materials.
2. Introduce an extra incentive to any firm which is going to set up factories which will add value to the many raw materials dotted in the newly-formed districts. This measure will encourage setting up of factories in rural areas which will help reduce rural-urban drift.
3. Reduce import duty on trucks of all forms. This measure will encourage importation of trucks which will make it possible to move goods and services on time and help reduce transportation charges.
4. Remove the K2,000 fine imposed for importing a motor vehicle older than five years.
5. Remove the borehole levy.
6. Introduce a 25 percent import duty on fruits and vegetables which Zambia can grow.
Founder BuyZed campaign

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