Opposition need bulldozers to unseat PF

MINISTER of Health Chitalu Chilufya.

CHIEF Mabumba of Luapula Province says it will take a lot of effort to replace the ruling PF government because it has shown exemplary

And Chief Mabumba says those criticising Government programmes are merely politicking, and not being sincere.
He said this when Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya, who is also Mansa Central member of Parliament, donated 200 pockets of cement and iron sheets, among other goods, for infrastructure development in the area.
“To shake this Government off the seat, the opposition will need bulldozers because it won’t be easy with the development that we have witnessed across the country. It is for this reason that we are here to work with the government of the day because the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t.
“There is no way we can shun PF when it is the government that is working for us. We want to assure the President that we are with him as a chiefdom and will give him the necessary support, especially with the current happenings in the country at the moment,” he said.
He said the country is witnessing wonders in terms of development.
“We have not seen such development since the Kaunda era. Previously, leaders were just talking and to those that are saying PF is not doing fine, they are doing so to merely politick, but they have seen the development that is taking place countrywide,” he said.
Chief Mabumba urged Government to continue working for the people.
“We want the government to continue, our chiefdom is here to serve the government of the day. Remain rest assured that we shall support you as an MP and as PF government in totality,” he said.
And he called on Government to involve chiefs in development programmes to ensure they advise appropriately.
“Health posts are being opened in my chiefdom and roads are being constructed and I am only seeing this on television. We need to be present so that we represent the people appropriately,” he said.
And Dr Chilufya assured the chief of more engagement and thanked him for the support rendered to government.
He said education is key to alleviating poverty in the province and Zambia at large.


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