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Open letter to Zambia’s political elite

Dear editor,
I HAVE been reading the political environment and goings-on in Africa and this nation in particular with much interest. What happened in South Africa and Zimbabwe has generated most interest in the face of politics in Africa. Each country in Africa has its own political beliefs and system and that brings me to my main concern – Zambia run your own race.
It is foolishness of the worst order to compare the South African scenario to Zambia. What happened in the African National Congress is a unique thing based on the ANC and republican constitution where the sending party can recall their candidate. For Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe was forced to leave because he had outlived his usefulness. He should have learnt from our own Kenneth Kaunda, who left voluntarily after losing the 1991 elections. You must remember that KK had the power to stay in office even when he had lost.
I always say that Zambia is bigger than Hakainde Hichilema and Edgar Lungu put together. Zambia is greater than PF and UPND put together. God the sovereign creator of this nation knows why he wired and planted us in Zambia. that is why anyone who attempts to bring disorder in Zambia becomes an enemy of righteousness regardless of his or her status.
Oftentimes, some political elite think they are more intelligent than all Zambians. Leading a political party is very different from leading a nation. I repeat, “Zambia is bigger than all political parties put together.” Those workers of iniquity bent on sowing seeds of discord in our nation must know that the Zambian case is always a unique one. Zambia is always in the palm of God’s hand. The late Edward Shamwana and friends tried to unseat Kaunda illegally. what happened? Zambia ni Zambia.
I always advise people to wait for God’s appointed time. Mwamba Luchembe as a zealous lieutenant thought he could abuse the army to get rid of KK. again, God did not allow it. God’s set time is the best. When God’s set time arrives, one’s destined agenda is unstoppable. Remember, our late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa was busy sleeping when his set time arrived. Captain Stephen Lungu, alias “Captain Solo”, thought he had succeeded in removing President Frederick Chiluba from power, but because the God of Zambia is the God of order, Solo’s plans were thwarted by the Almighty God. It was not Captain Solo’s set time. Zambia is a Christian nation. Everything that happens in Zambia is unique because it happens at God’s set time.

Evangelist Chishala Mwaba