Letter to the Editor

Open letter to RDA on KK airport road

Dear editor,
LUSAKA’S airport road remains one of the most important roads in our nation’s capital city. Unfortunately, this is one of the most obsolete and ill-maintained roads in the entire city of Lusaka.

It is unfathomable that this is the first road all visiting presidents, diplomats, celebrities and indeed all tourists coming to Zambia through Lusaka have to drive on.
The road is narrow, uneven, unmarked, lacks proper speed limits and generally in a terrible state. Further, the road has no night lighting, no bus-stops and shelters for passengers travelling to the airport; no pedestrian sidewalks and crossing, to mention a few. This road should be the pride of our city and country, but even some of the roads in the most remote places in Lusaka look better than this important gate-way into Lusaka city.
I therefore challenge RDA and all stakeholders to at least do the following: initiate an immediate upgrade of KK International Airport road into a dual-carriageway with modern lighting, road signs and markings, commuter bus-stops and shelters, sidewalks etc. Further, the road should have a toll-gate so that it generates revenue for self-maintenance. Toll-gates into international airports are a world-wide phenomenon. The toll-gate should also serve as a check-point for all traffic entering and leaving the airport. This means there would not be multiple-check points leading to the airport, so that traffic jams are avoided.
Finally, Government must consider constructing an alternative road to KK International Airport for presidential motorcades and other official traffic. Currently, the idea of sweeping all traffic off the road to give way to official motorcades travelling to and from the airport is neither professional nor safe.
The new airport is taking great shape, let auxiliary structures start adding to the beauty of it all.

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