Letter to the Editor

Open letter to President Lungu

Greetings to you our Republican President, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu
Firstly, I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts in managing and working towards improving our national economy.

Sir, I write to propose that Religious Education be made a compulsory subject in all schools in Zambia for the following reasons.
1. It is the only subject through which teachers can adequately and legally impart moral uprightness and create a good moral foundation for our children.
2. It is the only subject which addresses the learner’s relationship with God in heaven. As we know, after our earthly endeavours we will all have to give a report to our creator. Besides the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom as the scriptures say. A person who does not fear God is a danger to people around him and the nation as a whole
3. It is the only subject which teaches about most religions in the world thereby promoting harmony and co-existence.
4. It is the only subject through which we can embrace rich proverbs and values of our forefathers and reverse the deteriorating moral fibre in our nation, as seen from the behaviour of teenagers, gender-based violence, vandalism and dishonesty to mention but a few.
5. It is the only subject through which busy parents who are unable to teach their children Biblical values are covered.
In conclusion, religious studies help pupils to fear God, respect elders and authority, be patriotic to their nation, embrace hard work and honesty and become modest in dressing.

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