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Open Letter to Minister of Local Government Charles Banda

YOUR action to suspend Lusaka and Kitwe city councils for engaging in illegal land allocation is not only timely but also prudent and commendable.
It is high time Government put a stop to these illegalities.
Also commendable, sir, is your resolve to take similar action against other councils perpetuating the same vice.
Against this background, I implore you to act against illegal land allocation in your own backyard in Silver Rest.
It is sad that some people are taking up any seemingly vacant land in the area, including road reserves, and dishing out with impunity.
The illegalities that prompted you to suspend the two councils are all there to see in your background and residents are wondering why you have turned a blind eye.
An example is land next to the new University of Lusaka (UNILUS) campus which has illegally been subdivided into plots for shops.
The place is now not just an eyesore but also a potential health hazard as it lacks social amenities.
Such illegalities also tend to scare away potential investors as they create a sense of lawlessness.
While we appreciate your decisive action against illegal land allocation in Lusaka’s Matero and Kitwe, we beseech you to act similarly against illegal land allocation in Chongwe’s Silver Rest area.
We have no doubt that you are aware of this illegality as you drive through the same area to and from work.
Silver Rest