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One President at a time, please

BIBLE Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) overseer Peter Ndhlovu has advised opposition political party leaders to acknowledge and respect President Lungu as the duly-elected head of State.
Bishop Ndhlovu said there is need for opposition to work with Government to foster unity in the country.
He said in an interview in Lusaka recently that politicians and Government need to work in harmony to enhance unity and reconciliation.
“It is up to the opposition political party leaders to give honour and respect where it is due by accepting that President Lungu is the duly-elected President of the country.
“Reconciliation is vital in the country because it enhances peace and unity. As Zambians, we need to see the opposition and Government working together,” Bishop Ndhlovu said.
Bishop Ndhlovu said reconciliation and coherence are vital between opposition political parties and government as Zambia is a Christian nation.
“We should work together as Zambians to foster development. The purpose of the opposition is to provide checks and balances to the ruling party” he said.
Bishop Ndhlovu said opposition political leaders should avoid uttering remarks of disrespect to the President and his office.
“We are one Zambia.there is no need for others to separate themselves. we need to acknowledge that there can only be one President in this country.President Lungu is the rightful elected President and all, including opposition political party leaders, should recognise and respect him,” he said.
Bishop Ndhlovu urged opposition leaders to put the interest of the Zambian people first by working with government to enhance peace and unity.