Letter to the Editor

On-going transfers should include junior public officials

Dear editor,
I WRITE first and foremost to applaud the Ministry of Local Government for the ongoing transfers of the employees who have overstayed at one station to make them more prudent.

The transfers, we are told, are to make the local government authority, especially councils, to be more efficient and effective in the way they conduct businesses in line with their objective of service delivery.
Most councils have been dented with corruption involving top management in land management countrywide.
It is, however, not enough to transfer the top management staff alone leaving their juniors, especially in the survey and planning sections.
These are the juniors most times used to engage in corrupt practices on behalf of their supervisors on the ground.
It is after the aforethought that these sections too should see the boot of transfers to mitigate the vice in totality.
The top managers are never on the ground but have been using juniors in these two sections to carry out the illegalities that the country has been grappling with recently.
As long as the juniors in these two sections are left, the vice will continue and it will actually be more rampant before the new top managers settle and realise.
Many citizens countrywide have been treated like foreigners mostly by the council employees in these two sections with impunity.
To bring the much-desired and talked about sanity in councils by both Government and the general citizenry, these two sections namely; survey and planning sections, should not be spared in the ongoing transfers.

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