Letter to the Editor

Old people being abused as security guards in Itezhi-Tezhi

Dear editor,
I HAVE noted with concern that Itezhi-Tezhi district is growing speedily and that calls for security.
But to my surprise, the local people and businessmen have continued abusing old men, using them as security guards at their properties, which is so sad.
For this reason we call for tough measure from Government to make sure that this issue comes to an end, as 991 Security Company chief executive officer Francis Mukuka said.
“This trend of hiring retired old people compromises security,” Mr Mukuka said (Sunday Mail, February 9, 2020).
On behalf of Itezhi-Tezhi residents, please let the Government come in and help us.
It is a very simple reason.
These old and untrained men are being exploited because they are being paid salaries of between K300 to K400 per month.

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