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Old folks hustle for living at Boma

“HELLO boss! ka certification, affidavit?” an old man asks this reporter as he steps into the Boma Local Court premises.
The old man does not end there. He follows behind hoping this writer would ask for help on any of the services he has mentioned.
He is not the only one. Others are strategically positioned around the court premises waiting for clients to help in anticipation of a token of appreciation.
Some are seated on a metal bar behind one of the buildings.
A few metres away, some are seated on bricks playing a board game known as draught.
The men take turns to ensure that everyone participates in the game as they while away the time.
For motorists and pedestrians who use Dedan Kimathi Road regularly, these men are a common spectacle as they gather at the same place every day.
They converge from morning to sunset except on Saturdays and Sundays.
Out of curiosity, this reporter goes to where the men are seated and announces the purpose of the visit.
One of the older men calls their chairman identified as Paul Chilolo.
After exchanging greetings, this writer finds out from the chairman what the men do at CLICK TO READ MORE